Alia Parker

Alia has extensive multi-disciplinary experience in the creative industries, as a designer, educator, producer, writer and critical thinker. Practicing as an experimental textile and fashion designer and researcher investigating the nexus of biology and design, she aims to provoke more sustainable and ethical ways of engaging with materiality. Working with non-human organisms and materials that invoke a different temporality, Alia utilises expanded and processual methodologies that are collaborative in nature to produce innovative outcomes. She continues to work as a multidisciplinary designer, running her own studio as a designer-artist and creative director on initiated projects and commissions as well as developing workshops that aim to engage design practice and thinking as a participatory practice.
Alia holds a Bachelor of Design (UNSW) and a Master of Fashion & Textiles (RMIT) and is currently finishing a practice-based Master of Philosophy at UNSW Art & Design where she is also a sessional academic. Alia has worked in the fashion and textile industry internationally and exhibited her work nationally.


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