Alison Jose

Alison Jose is the Director at the Circular Centre, which will launch in Sydney in 2019 and will be a central location for collaboration around the circular economy through the lens of design, fabric & fashion:

Alison combines her work at the Circular Centre with STSC., Sustainable Textile Supply Chain, where she creates and wholesales beautiful sustainable fabrics:

STSC. focuses on “Wealth from Waste” fabrics using natural fibers from farm crop and environmental waste, creating supply chains with eco fabric Mills, natural-dyers and skilled artisans who use environmentally sustainable materials and practices.

This multifaceted Centre will retail sustainable fashion and design, sell wholesale sustainable textiles plus be a central location to deliver talks, workshops and networks through Impact Partners offering inter-industry circular economy opportunities.

Alison’s varied career includes a contemporary fine art curator, Associate Dealer with Sothebys New York, art gallery director, PR & event coordinator.

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