Fi Tschaut

As Head of Programming at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre Fi’s aim is to curate programs that are innovative, human-centred and empower creative confidence in those with a dream to make the world a better place.

She is inspired by thought leaders like Muhammad Yunus and Tom Kelley and their belief in unleashing the creative potential and entrepreneur that lies within each and every one of us.

Her current work focuses on helping individuals, companies and startups harness the power of design thinking to foster a culture of innovation, build creative confidence and shape the products, services and spaces of the future. 

She spent the first decade of her career working internationally, facilitating short, intensive innovation sprints with individuals, communities and startups to push the boundaries of creative practice, sustainability, entrepreneurship and design-led social innovation. A few highlights include:

  • Social Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid – India
  • Urban Design and Sustainable Community Development – The Maldives
  • Poverty Alleviation and Microfinance – Vietnam.

She is hugely passionate about real, radical collaborative partnerships, digital fabrication and Blockchain.

When she’s not at the MCIC you’ll find her out in the ocean. She’s a surf sports athlete and current world champion for her age group in the surf race and iron woman. 

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