Kira Osborne

With a bachelor’s degree of psychology and a master in international development, I am driven to improve both the individual and community outcomes for those most marginalised by mobilising community action, building resilience and cohesion, and creating and supporting innovative grassroots opportunities.

My professional experience covers an array of social domains working alongside marginalised communities including child protection and institutional care, developing and sustaining resilient and health communities, building community capacity to increase engagement in urban renewal projects, and participating in a range of informal settlement projects.

Most recently, I have been working on the largest urban redevelopment of public housing in the Southern Hemisphere, advocating for greater community participation and ownership over the development process. Internationally, I have worked with urban slum communities providing lifesaving technologies that increase resilience by strengthen economic stability and improving health, education and employment outcomes.

I believe passionately in the potential of human capacity, especially when faced with adverse and challenging circumstance. I don’t believe it is my role to solve the myriad of challenges facing disadvantaged communities, instead, I believe it is my responsibility to facilitate and support the strengths and capacity that exist across communities, while learning from the lived experiences of those who face these issues on a daily basis.”

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