How might we draw on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s knowledge(s) and experience(s) from a social determinants of health approach together with technology to re-imagine diabetes management?


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are almost four times more likely than non-Indigenous Australians to have diabetes or pre-diabetes, with 13% of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population self-identifying as having diabetes. Unlike the National statistics, in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population there is a higher incidence of women who live with diabetes (56%) than men (44%). 

In a 2012 study, Diabetes Australia found 41% of people suffering from Diabetes reported poor mental health associated to the stress of managing their condition.


The aim of the product sprint is to create a physical prototype that will provide early detection of diabetes whilst valuing and respecting Indigenous knowledge and being conscious of cultural sensitivities.

The aim is to:   

  • Solve a real-life problem for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities within the Sydney Metro area through human-centred design using wearable technology!
  • Create strong relationships between Business and Built Environment students.   
  • Through co-design, help us to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to better understand the indicators of the onset of diabetes and become more aware of the associated lifestyle factors.



Two epic days

Over the two days, we’re going to work together on a solution for a real world problem. You’ll be mentored by experts, learn new techniques, collaborate with other students and pitch your ideas!

Meet new people!

You’ll need to collaborate with people with different skills and backgrounds, this sprint will be a great opportunity to meet and make new connections with students from other faculties! It’s a great way to meet new friends, or reunite with old ones!

Free food and drink!

We’ll keep you fueled with meals and plenty of snacks throughout the Product Sprint to keep you firing on all cylinders!


Get hands-on experience with rapid prototyping techniques and processes. Your ideas will turn into physical prototypes you can hold within the two days!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Product Sprint?

A Product Sprint is a rapid prototyping event where you generate ideas, design your solution to a problem, and create a prototype of it within two full days. Participants will experience the entirety of the design process and work together as a team to create a final solution to be pitched in front of a panel of judges to compete for the grand prize!

What makes a product sprint so rewarding is the intensity of the experience- you’ll form fast friends and come up with solutions quickly- and the fact that you get to see the outcomes of all that collaborating really quickly. The magic happens when people from all different backgrounds come together and spark ideas in one another that alone, they would never have thought of. These ideas are then created into physical prototypes – watch your ideas come to life!

Why run a Product Sprint?

Product Sprints are a great way to get the ball rolling on solving a whole range of real world issues. They also help you build collaboration and prototyping skills that are going to be a real asset once you’ve left university.

What skills and experience do I need to join this Product Sprint?

We’d love to see students from all faculties participating! Whether you’re a student from the Business School, Arts and Social Sciences, Medicine, Law or Engineering (or anything else we’ve missed!) your skills and perspectives will be vital and put to good use. There is no prerequisite knowledge needed- we’ll teach you the techniques and methods to produce anything you can come up with!

Do I need to provide my own materials?

Basic kit and materials including Velcro, fasteners, sensors and tools will be provided during the sprint. Teams are more than welcome to expand upon this basic kit at their own cost.

What does success look like in this Sprint?

At the end of this Sprint, participants should have a prototype to bring to the final pitches. It could be a fully functional prototype, or a representation of your idea that shows how your prototype would interact with the users of the technology. There will also be an emphasis on your business pitch and how you can convince the judges that your ideas is a cut above the rest!

Do I need to stay at MCIC the entire time?

We know that you have other obligations and two full days is a big commitment, try to make as much of the event as possible and contact us if you have any questions about this!

Who owns the IP of the solutions?

Please refer to the MCIC Hack Code of Conduct webpage –

What is the prize for the winning team?

Two teams will win $1000 each in materials and a six week intensive product development programme.

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