How might we design a technological solution to enhance learning and improve the user experience?


Help us to create a genuine solution to a variety of educational problems using technology.

This question speaks to the problem of applying technology to a general educational context. How can these technologies be applied in this educational context? The problems we are trying to solve are in the area of marking formative assessment and giving feedback, giving the students a fairer learning experience, giving students the ability to extend their learning or consolidate their learning, giving students and teachers the ability to analyse how they are learning and then giving them suggestions as to how they can improve their performance, helping second language learners to acquire vocabulary and language instruction while learning and saving teachers’ time.

Technology has been used to personalise the learning experience, build analytics into learning, using the computer as a tutor, or chatbots that learn from interactions and build materials around those interactions, help us to push this interaction further to so technology can enabled the greatest adult learning experience ever.

We’re looking for awesome student innovators (like you!) to join our Hackathon and redesign the future of education as we know it and be involved in a vibrant event that will see great minds come together to innovate and create in the area of applying technology in an educational context.

The Learning Experience of the Future Hack is brought to you by the Law School and Faculty of Art and Design at the University of New South Wales Sydney.

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Three epic days

Over the 2.5 days, we’re going to work together on solutions for real educational problems. You’ll be mentored by experts, learn new techniques, collaborate with other students and pitch your ideas!

Meet new people!

You’ll collaborate with people with different skills and backgrounds to create a solution to general educational problems. This hack will be a great opportunity to meet new people with similar interests, make connections with other students, staff and academics and people in the edutech industry. It’s a great way to meet new friends, or reunite with old ones!

Free food and drink!

We’ll keep you fueled with meals and plenty of snacks throughout the hack to keep you firing on all cylinders! Gluten free and vegan options will be provided. We recommend participants with strict/specific dietary requirements to bring their own supplies.


The Faculty of Law has contributed $4000 in cash and prizes for the winning teams, with 4 prize categories and a top prize of $3000 to the winning team. Ongoing support and mentoring on your solution and for your team will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a hack?

First up, it’s nothing scary or illegal! They aren’t all about computersA hack is an event, usually occurring over a few days, that encourages people to collaborate in an intensive way to help solve a problem. 

What makes a hack so rewarding is the intensity of the experience- you’ll form fast friends and come up with solutions quickly. The magic happens when people from all different backgrounds come together to spark ideas in one another, work on those ideas together, and come up with something truly unique that can make serious impact in our world.  

Why attend a hack?

Hacks are a great way to get the ball rolling on solving a whole range of realworld issues. They also help you build collaboration skills that are going to be a real asset once you’ve left university. 

The reason we’re running this hack is to find genuine solutions to a variety of educational problems using technology.

What skills and experience do I need to join this hack?

We’d love to see students from all faculties participating. Whether you’re a student from Law, Art and Design, Education or any other faculty, your skills and perspectives will be vital and put to good use. There is no prerequisite knowledge needed – we’ll teach you the techniques and methods to produce a viable business.

What does success look like in this hack?

At the end of this hack, you will have learnt skills to approach problems with a creative mindset, know some fundamentals about creating a startup business and have collaborated with your peers on some shared interests building your network.

Success is a new and disruptive idea that can be monetised and scaled to create a better future for all but also planting the seed for other businesses and ideas that could change the world. Over the weekend we’re looking for innovative and fun ideas that shine as a unique experience for your target audience.

Who owns the IP of the solutions?

Please refer to the MCIC Hack Code of Conduct.

How are teams formed?

Teams will need to have 4-6 members. On the first day we’ll hold a team-formation exercise so don’t worry if you don’t have a group yet, for those coming to the hack in a pre-formed group – you’ll be able to participate for fun!  

What happens after the hack?

All teams will have the opportunity to meet with a one-on-one mentor to continue working on their startup idea. Four prizes will be given: First Place $3000, Second place $500, Third place $250 and People’s Choice $250. The four winners will receive six (6) weeks of dedicated follow up with a Prototype professional to create their minimum viable product and push their business to the next level.

Do I need to stay at MCIC the entire time?

We know that you have other obligations and full weekend is a big commitment, however at least half of your team needs to be present at all times, every person needs to sign in once each day (to show you have attended for a portion of each day of the weekend) and your whole team needs to be in attendance at the final pitch! 

Do you have a code of conduct?

Absolutely. Participating students agree to abide by the UNSW Code of Conduct.


If you have any questions about the hack, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.

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