Athletic Bilbao slaughtered 1-0 to knock Real Madrid out of the Copa.

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Athletic Bilbao beat Real Madrid 1-0 in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals on Thursday. As a result, the football team from the Basque Country has successfully reached the semifinals.

At San Mames it was a game in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey 10 minutes passed. And Bilbao forward Dani Garcia fired from a distance to save Thibaut Courtois.

Then in the 13th minute. The same Dani Garcia had a golden opportunity from the rhythm of the fall. But push out of the box unbelievable.

The host is still doing better than Real Madrid in the 23rd minute. Have a chance from Iker Muniain dragging into the penalty area to shoot. But the ball UFABET is only slightly out of the box.

Athletic Bilbao actually found a better chance in the 47th minute. Iker Muniain crossed in a free-kick for Inigo Martinez to save Thibaut Courtois, unfortunately.

In the 51st minute. Nacho Fernandez the White King’s defensive line was caught by VAR for handball. But after the referee went to look at the screen before returning to indicate that it was not a penalty for the host.

Los Blancos’ golden opportunity in the 81st minute. When Casemiro slip into the penalty area on the right before firing to save Julen Arrizabalaga.

Becomes Bilbao leading 1-0 in the 89th minute. Dani Garcia flows to Alex Berenger, who swayed to deceive, but broke in before shooting with the left, sending the ball into the far post.

At the end of the game, Athletic Bilbao defeated Real Madrid 1-0 to reach the semi-finals.