Klopp says third goal must be 100%

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said in an interview after the game. That he personally thinks the team’s third goal should have been 100 percent.

The Reds lost to Toulouse with a score of 2-3 in the fourth Europa League Group E match on Thursday night. The representative from England now has 9 points, still leading the group. UFABET

“We weren’t aggressive enough. It’s very easy to lose the ball. Errors will be reported several times. With the possession the team had. We should have created more chances. But the team was unable to play here and lost three goals to their opponents. There’s no reason at all. They (Toulouse) fought harder than us and deserved it (the victory) Congratulations Toulouse.

“You can play well as long as you want. But if you can’t win the decisive battle. You just don’t have a chance in football.

“We scored the third goal. I think it was 100 per cent a goal and a long time had passed since the incident (McCallister’s handball). I’m not even sure if the ball hit my arm or not. But that’s what happened.

“We don’t have any points. But at least I’ve learned that it’s up to the kids to decide how we want to play. We can be a very good football team. But without winning at the decisive moment in the game There’s absolutely no way.” Klopp said