Nike has terminated his permanent contract with Greenwood.

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Sporting goods giant Nike has confirm it has stopped sponsoring Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood. After the scandal spark a major lawsuit.

Greenwood has come under fire for allegedly violently attacking her by an ex-girlfriend. Including having sex with her even though she did not agree, 20-year-old Shin was imprison. And charge with many charges. And was only release a few days ago.

Earlier, Greenwood’s personal sponsor. Nike had temporarily suspended their support for the England striker.

Recently, a giant sports equipment manufacturer from the United States. A spokesperson said: “Mason Greenwood is no longer a athlete.”

The decision by well-known brands UFABET such as Nike could cause many individual. And club sponsors to seriously consider the impact on the image caused. By the scandal and could lead to the termination of the relationship as well. 

Mason Greenwood Arrested On Charges Of Sexual Assault.
On January 30, 2022 the pictures of the complainant woman circulated on social media platforms. After she reportedly share pictures of herself in a bruise and bleeding condition. In the story that she share, she point out the abuse of Greenwood and wrote. “To everyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood actually does to me.”