Pepelu hopes to lead the Bats to surprise Madrid.

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Jose Luis Garcia Baia or Pepelu believes that. Valencia has a football team that is ready to compete and cause Real Madrid trouble as well.

Jose Luis Garcia Baia or Pepelu, the 25-year-old Valencia midfielder is expected to lead the Bats to a surprise attack against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu on this Sunday. Even though it is a young, energetic team with little experience. From a report from Marca on Thursday ทางเข้า UFABET

‘For us it is a privilege that they doubt us.’ Pepelu said ahead of the away game at the Santiago Bernabeu. ‘That in the dressing room is an inspiration for us. And doing mystery is something we’ve been doing since the beginning of the season. People think we don’t have much experience. It’s younger and we’ve gradually built a well-known team. And we will go to the Bernabeu, like every stadium we go to.’

Pepelu further revealed that.

The Bats team has been analyzing Real Madrid’s play for some time. ‘Since we started the week We analyzed the game. We need to have a game with a lot of character despite being a young team. Ambitious and strong in duels. If we do it at the Bernabeu it will work. Their midfielders are all very good with and without the ball. But I am happy because I know that with the team we have. We can compete with them and make them suffer as well.’

Valencia were the subject of racial abuse against Vinicius Junior last season. But Pepelu insists their focus is on sport more than anything else.

‘I would like to tell you that it is a young and healthy team. We focus only on sports. We never once talked in the locker room about non-sporty topics because it would make so much noise. And We are focused on preparing for a good game at the Bernabeu. It will be a special victory. Abstraction from those issues is what keeps us distracted.’