Sunderland progressed Keane sat in the coach’s chair.

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Sunderland Continue negotiations with former midfielder Roy Keane to accept the position of the new football manager. But did not overlook other options as well.

Sunderland currently in League One are looking for a new manager. Following the departure of Lee Johnson in early February.

Over the past several days, Roy Keane who manage Sunderland between 2006-2008. And led the club to promotion to the Premier League. It is rumor that he may return to the Stadium of Light for the first time in 13 years.

The Daily Mail is reporting on UFABET the latest developments. Talks between the two sides are ongoing and it is optimistic that a deal can be reached ahead of this weekend’s game.

but at the same time Sunderland Did not overlook other options and prepare for the second round of talks with Grant McCann and Alex Neil, who are also in the scope.

For Keane, after leaving Sunderland in 2009. He spent a year-and-a-half at Ipswich, then assistant coach of the Ireland national team, Aston Villa and most recently at Nottingham Forest. Who worked for about 6 months. Who is currently a football guru on Sky Sports as an outspoken commentator.

He was unlucky when he had hip surgery. and had to rest for several months at the beginning of the season and when he returned It seems that he is calm. and calmer on the field And although there are many questions from football fans. and the press that he will be with the team for how long and when to move out But Keane himself answered this question himself. “I still have work to do here for at least a few more years,” which would reassuring the Red Devils fans quite a bit.