Real Madrid is not worried waits after the Champions League battle. then approaches Kylian Mbappe.

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Real Madrid have no concerns about Kylian Mbappe situation. With Spanish media suggesting the La Liga elite will contact the forward. After the last 16 of the Champions League.

The contract of the 23-year-old spearhead is about to expire at the end of this season. Even past Paris Saint-Germain trying to negotiate a new one. But it seems that the players are not responding leaving the future unclear.

After PSG’s last game in Ligue 1’s 5-1 win over Lille. Kylian Mbappe has hinted that he has not yet decided on his future. And is determined to lead the club in a duel. Al Madrid in the UFABET Round of 16 Champions League.

Despite some media reports that the White King’s situation could be destabilized after interviews with the player came out, Mundo Deportivo said Los Blancos had no such stance and was confident. Mbappe’s position

Real Madrid are confident they can negotiate a deal for Mbappe in advance. But the matter wants to wait until the end of the Champions League game that will face PSG first in order to maintain manners and do not want to put too much pressure on the players.

The France striker is one of the main targets for the White King, who missed out in the summer because PSG insisted on not releasing. But now that the contract is about to expire, the famous Spanish team are ready to make an offer for the players to consider after this.