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Klopp says third goal must be 100%

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said in an interview after the game. That he personally thinks the team’s third goal should have been 100 percent. The Reds lost to Toulouse with a score of 2-3 in the fourth Europa League Group E match on Thursday night. The

Pepelu hopes to lead the Bats to surprise Madrid.

Jose Luis Garcia Baia or Pepelu believes that. Valencia has a football team that is ready to compete and cause Real Madrid trouble as well. Jose Luis Garcia Baia or Pepelu, the 25-year-old Valencia midfielder is expected to lead the Bats to a surprise attack

Madrid eyes Marcos Leonardo rising star.

Santos’ 20-year-old striker Marcos Leonardo is being watched by Real Madrid and Newcastle. ‘GE Globo’ a coffee media outlet reported on Thursday that. Real Madrid is keeping an eye on Marcos Leonardo. The 20-year-old striker of Santos, who is a target of Newcastle Premier League

Nike has terminated his permanent contract with Greenwood.

Sporting goods giant Nike has confirm it has stopped sponsoring Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood. After the scandal spark a major lawsuit. Greenwood has come under fire for allegedly violently attacking her by an ex-girlfriend. Including having sex with her even though she did not agree,

Barcelona urged to renew Araoujo contract

Barcelona are moving full forward to catch Ronald Araoujo contract. A good defender to sign a new contract soon after many teams in Europe are in demand. Araoujo the 22 year-old made his debut at Barcelona. After joining from Boston River at the age of

Sunderland progressed Keane sat in the coach’s chair.

Sunderland Continue negotiations with former midfielder Roy Keane to accept the position of the new football manager. But did not overlook other options as well. Sunderland currently in League One are looking for a new manager. Following the departure of Lee Johnson in early February. Over the