Hack Judging Criteria


Background Resources

  • Can we model the implementation of water sensitive urban design in evolving cities?Link
  • Modelling characteristics of the urban form to support water systems planning – Link
  • Can raingardens produce food and retain stormwater? – Link
  • Use of domestic greywater for small-scale irrigation of food crops: Effects on plants and soil – Link
  • Application and evaluation of a participatory “open innovation” approach (ROIR): zero-acreage farming in Berlin – Link
  • Heavy Metal Contamination of Vegetables Irrigated by Urban Stormwater: A Matter of Time? – Link
  • Treated Greywater Reuse for Hydroponic Lettuce Production in a Green Wall System: Quantitative Health Risk Assessment – Link
  • Biofilters for urban agriculture: Metal uptake of vegetables irrigated with stormwater – Link
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